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FEATHER Jeans (Size 4/6)

FEATHER Jeans (Size 4/6)

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Brand - Old Navy
Size - 2 (but fits like a 4/6)

The FEATHER Jeans and the BEST way to spice up your classic light-wash jeans. They have a light wash with some distressing. They are Old Navy jeans and size two but fit much more like a Size 4/6.

Every piece from SECOND LIFE is upcycled clothing that got an upgrade. Your item is one of a kind and supports the slow fashion cycle - leading to a conscious approach to fashion. Items with only embroidery can be washed with delicate items and left to air dry. For jeans with feathers and other embellishments, please spot clean as needed. I HOPE YOU LOVE YOUR SECOND LIFE PIECE!

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